Full Time Employment
at Worthers

End-to-end design and development of products, websites and apps for leading UK and international charities. Collaborated with multi-disciplined teams to take initial designs from concept to reality alongside long-term support, maintenance and bug fixes across multiple products and services.

Website: www.worthers.com

Ministry of Sound D&AD Posters

A series of D&Ad winning "best of year" digital and printed posters for Ministry of Sound’s Saturday Sessions 2012 event. The idea was to create three sound generated posters from music that would be featuring at the event advertised. The poster caused much debate between judges due to its innovative format as an interactive digital poster in contrast to a traditional printed poster.


A motion graphics animation which won a semifinalist Adobe Design Achievement Award . This is a story about an ordinary designer that meets an extraordinary friend. Together they step outside and discover the star filled sky above their heads.

Written, directed and created by me.
Music by Kathy Fazal.


According to research 30% of our planet’s species have declined in less than half a century. For my major project I developed a unique concept to aid conservationists collect much needed data to help conserve our wildlife. Using phones the public can record the wildlife they find, discover and collect animals that live near them and learn about what they find whilst helping conserve our disappearing wildlife.

Full Time Employment
at Uber Digital

Following my successes at Bournemouth Arts University I was offered a full time position at Uber Digital Creative Agency as a digital and motion designer. Having these skills enabled me to be involved in the creation of a diverse range of projects involving the likes of responsive websites, user experience design and digital animation.
This section show some of the projects I worked on with the amazingly talented Uber Digital team.

Website: www.uberdigital.com

at KissMyPixel

Straight after completing my A Levels I was offered a part time freelance position at Kiss My Pixel an award-winning motion graphics, design, animation and visual effects company. During my 2 years there I gained experience in the industry's practices such as animating using tools like After Effects and cinema 4D, the basics of how projects are managed from beginning to end, storyboarding, green screening and more. Below shows some of the projects I worked on with the talented KissMyPixel team.

Website: www.KissMyPixel.com

3D Work

3D artwork created for various clients and stock websites.

Little White Lies

A magazine cover for Little White Lies featuring the film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. This was a D&Ad illustration brief asking competitors to create a portrait illustration of a main character from a chosen movie.

RSA Brief
Petrol Station

RSA brief to invent a cost effective use for the increasing number of redundant petrol stations. This concept shows how the space could be used as office pods for home workers and small businesses.

Credit: Pete Smart, Jon Cleave


This ‘innovate consolidate’ project brings together a big community of people to help out in their city or town creating a big society by allowing them to identify problems in the community through the WeVo website. This allows the community suggest organisations which can provide the solution or set up a self initiated volunteer scheme.


In my spare time I like to do natural photography showing my passion for nature and awareness of our environment. The fundamentals of good photography have helped me to learn skills such as the thirds rule, depth of field, speed blur, and scene lighting, invaluable in the creation of other projects involving 3d work, motion graphics or realistic scenes.

Festival of Britain and Utility

University exhibition in which we wrote a book about the Utility and Festival of Britain art movement.

British Idioms & Proverbs

This project looked at visualising British idioms & proverbs and was part of a university project. Creation of the animation involved 3d software and drawing around the 3d objects in flash.

Typographic Packaging

A university project focusing on typography and British mannerisms. I took the mannerism’s literal meanings to create a paper cake and plate. The resulting outcome could be turned into cake packaging.

North Stoke Foot Walks

An experiment in visual systems. This piece provides a unique approach to country walk directions such as this foot walk in North Stoke.

Packaged in a sophisticated measuring tape format it provides directions, estimated times, easy to see symbols, and meters until the next direction all on a line of tape.

Fishy Friends

Research shows that the world’s fishing stocks will become totally depleted by 2050. This info graphics animation helps viewers learn about the issue with user interaction and motion graphics. This project was set by AUCB to visualise data in a graphical way.