According to research 30% of our planet’s species have declined in less than half a century. For my major project I developed a unique concept to aid conservationists collect much needed data to help conserve our wildlife. Using phones the public can record the wildlife they find, discover and collect animals that live near them and learn about what they find whilst helping conserve our disappearing wildlife.

Screen Captures

App Visuals

I created an easy to use system that allowed the general public to automatically identify animals with the touch of a button, learn about what they find and then add their findings to help conservationists.

The phone app also allows users to learn about themselves and what they find, collect their findings from a set selection. and discover what wildlife lives near them.

Website Visuals

The website features many of the same functions as the app but also allows conservationists to view wildlife populations from any time period, compare stats between animals and visually see animal migrations using the time line.

Logo Development